Virtual Mail Basics

How to Protect Your Privacy With a Digital Mailbox

In an increasingly interconnected digital world, maintaining your personal privacy has never been more difficult. But our personal privacy is valuable, protecting us from unwarranted intrusion into our personal lives.

Whether you’re texting with friends, making an online purchase, or simply sending an email, you want to know you’re protected, as each one of these interactions has the potential to put your personal privacy in jeopardy. 

Believe it or not, the same goes for your mail. Many of our most private and personal communications still come via postal mail. But even traditional mail can be intercepted, exploited, or be used to pierce your veil of privacy.

So how do you protect your privacy when it comes to mail? It’s actually quite simple. 

Enter the digital mailbox: a modern mail solution that separates your mailing address from your physical address, allowing you to receive mail without compromising your personal information.

In this article, we explain the ins and outs of how a digital mailbox works, and how you can use one to protect your privacy. 

What is a digital mailbox?

A digital mailbox is a service that allows you to manage and access your physical mail remotely. Essentially, it is an online version of a traditional mailbox.

When you receive mail at your digital mailbox, the outside of each item will be scanned and uploaded as digital images into your personal digital mailbox account.

Typically, you will then receive a notification by email that new mail has arrived for review.  

From there, you can log in to view your mail securely from anywhere in the world using a computer or smartphone, view the scanned images of your mail, and then decide what action to take (forward, shred, etc.).

How Does a Digital Mailbox Protect Your Privacy?

Digital mailboxes are very secure, providing several layers of protection that help you ensure that your postal correspondence stays confidential.

Security and Encryption

When it comes to protecting your privacy, one of the most powerful tools our digital mailbox service utilizes is encryption. This is the process of encoding information so that only authorized parties can access it, keeping your sensitive data out of reach from prying eyes.

Digital mailbox providers use advanced encryption algorithms, typically the industry-standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256-bit keys. When your mail is scanned and uploaded into your digital mailbox, the data is transformed into complex codes. Without the right ‘key’, this coded data is nearly impossible to decipher.

The ‘key’ to decrypt the information is securely stored and only accessible to you, ensuring that even if someone intercepts the data, they would not be able to understand or use it.

Moreover, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is often used to protect the data while it is being transmitted between your device and the digital mailbox server, adding an additional layer of security.

Through these encryption methods, a digital mailbox ensures your mail content remains confidential and secure, effectively reinforcing your digital privacy.


In an era where personal data is the new gold, preserving your anonymity can be a significant challenge. This is another areas where a digital mailbox shines.

When you sign up for a digital mailbox service, you’re provided with a unique address associated with your account. This address, typically tied to a physical location of the digital mailbox company, acts as the receiving point for all your mail. This means that you can use this address for all your correspondence, online purchases, business transactions, and more, instead of your personal or business address.

The beauty of this arrangement is that your real address stays private. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a business owner, or a privacy-focused individual, your personal address doesn’t need to be publicly associated with your activities.

This helps preserve your anonymity, as your mail is managed independently of your actual location. All your mail, including sensitive documents, packages, and letters, is sent to this address, scanned, and made accessible to you securely online, keeping your personal information and whereabouts confidential.

Mail Monitoring

A digital mailbox gives you unprecedented control over your mail, offering an efficient and comprehensive monitoring system that a traditional mailbox just can’t match.

The moment a mail item or a package arrives at your virtual address, your provider will scan it and upload the image to your digital mailbox. You receive a notification, allowing you to view the sender information and the type of mail, even if you are traveling or away from home.

From there, you can choose what actions you want to take, such as requesting to open and scan the contents, forward it to another address, store for later, or discard if it’s unwanted. This means you can manage your mail in real-time and make informed decisions instantly, rather than waiting to physically sort through a pile of accumulated mail.

Moreover, this proactive mail monitoring system is especially useful in preventing mail fraud or identity theft. If an unexpected or suspicious item arrives, you’re immediately aware and can take necessary action.

Other Advantages of a Digital Mailbox

Apart from protecting your privacy, a digital mailbox offers other substantial benefits including:

A Professional Appearance

A digitall mailbox provides a physical address that enhances the professional image of your business. It lends credibility to your operations, especially if you run a home-based business or work as a freelancer.

Ease of Access

With a digital mailbox, you have 24/7 access to your mail. No more waiting for office hours or worrying about holidays. Access your mail from work, while you’re on vacation, or even when you’re traveling abroad. Your mail is always just a few clicks away, no matter where you go.

Mail Forwarding

Digital mailboxes typically offer mail forwarding services for an additional fee. You can have your most important mail forwarded to any address worldwide. This is particularly handy for globetrotters and digital nomads.

Package Acceptance

Unlike P.O. Boxes which can only receive mail from the USPS, digital mailboxes are considered physical street addresses, allowing you to accept deliveries from all carriers.

Choosing the Right Digital Mailbox Provider

While all digital mailbox services make promises about privacy and security, not all deliver to the same extent. Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a provider:

Security Measures

You’re entrusting your digital mailbox provider with your personal mail, so you want to make sure they’re up to the task. Check if they’re using 256-bit encryption, which is like the super-hero of data protection, keeping your precious information safe and sound. But don’t stop there! Make sure they adhere to stringent security standards, showing they mean business when it comes to your privacy.


Next on our checklist is anonymity. It’s all about ensuring your personal address stays personal. You want a provider who offers a professional address, kind of like your own secret identity. This new address acts as a replacement for your personal one, helping to keep your private details hidden away.


Think about ease and convenience. Can you imagine sipping your morning coffee while checking your mail with just a few clicks? That’s the level of simplicity you should look for in a provider. Their platform should be as easy to navigate as your favorite social media site. If checking your mail starts to feel like solving a complex puzzle, it’s probably not the right fit.

Customer Support

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about customer support. You need a provider who’s there when you need them, ready to jump in and help with any issues or queries you might have. It’s like having a reliable friend who’s always got your back. After all, everyone needs a little help sometimes!

By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a digital mailbox provider that suits your needs and, most importantly, prioritizes your privacy. Happy mail managing!

How To Set up a Digital Mailbox

Setting up a digital mailbox involves a straightforward process:

  1. Choose a Provider: Based on the factors discussed above, select the most suitable digital mailbox provider.
  2. Register: Complete the registration process by filling in the required details. Typically, you will need to complete USPS form 1583 in order to give your provider permission to open your mail on your behalf.
  3. Address Change (optional): If you are replacing an existing address with your digital mailbox, be sure to update your mailing address with the post office to the one provided by your digital mailbox service.
  4. Use It: Now that your digital mailbox is set up, you can start receiving mail right away. Give your address out instead of your physical address, then sit back and relax while the mail rolls in!

What comes next?

Embracing a digital mailbox is a forward-thinking step towards safeguarding your privacy in the digital world. Not only does it protect your physical address and personal information, but it also offers convenience and ease that a traditional mailbox can’t match.

If you’re ready to set up a digital mailbox for yourself or your business, we can help. With Virtual Mail Now, we cut out all the typical nonsense, providing you with automatic scanning and uploading of every piece of mail, with no extra fees or hidden charges.

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