Virtual Mail Basics

Virtual Mail for RVers and Frequent Travelers

Virtual Mail For RVers

Are you an RVer or a frequent traveler who is tired of returning home to piles of unread mail? Are you sick of calling in favors with your friends and family to on check your mail while you’re away?

With a virtual mailbox, you can check your mail online on your phone or tablet with just a few clicks.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of virtual mail, its benefits for RVers and frequent travelers, and how to choose the right service for your needs.

So, buckle up and get ready to revolutionize the way you manage your mail.

How Does a Virtual Mail Service Work?

Virtual mail (a.k.a. digital mail or virtual mailbox), is a service that allows you to forward your mail to a commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) who will receive, digitize, and upload your mail to a secure repository, so that you can view it online. It’s like having a personal assistant who sorts and scans your mail, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the world.

When you sign up for a virtual mail service, your CRMA will provide you with a unique physical street address where you can direct your mail. You can then access and manage your mail through a website or mobile app, instructing the service to forward, shred, or store your mail items as needed.

Why Virtual Mail is Important for RVers and Frequent Travelers

For RVers and frequent travelers, staying on top of mail can be a challenge. Traditional mail delivery isn’t always convenient or reliable when you’re constantly on the move. And changing your address with the USPS each time you travel would be a huge hassle.

Virtual mail offers a practical solution to this problem, ensuring that important mail is never missed and can be accessed from anywhere. You’ll never really need to change your virtual address, since your mail can be checked online

What are the Benefits of Virtual Mail for RVers and Frequent Travelers?

Virtual mail services offer numerous advantages for RVers and frequent travelers, including:

Mail Forwarding

No matter where you are, you can have your mail forwarded to your current location. Some services even offer international forwarding options, ensuring you can receive your mail even if you’re traveling abroad.

Mail Scanning

Virtual mail services digitize your mail, allowing you to view and read it online without having to wait for physical delivery. This feature is particularly useful for handling time-sensitive documents, bills, and important notices remotely.

Package Receiving

In addition to mail, virtual mail services can also receive packages on your behalf. This means you can have online purchases or other deliveries sent to your virtual mailbox and then forwarded to your current location for an added fee, without worrying about missed deliveries.

Security and Privacy

Virtual mail services offer a secure and private way to manage your mail. Your mail is handled by professionals in a controlled environment, reducing the risk of theft or tampering. Additionally, digital copies of your mail are stored securely, ensuring your privacy.

Address Stability

Relocate without altering your address. As an RVer or frequent traveler, maintaining a consistent mailing address is of immeasurable value. It guarantees a seamless experience when interacting with businesses, government entities, and personal correspondences. Virtual mail, therefore, transcends being a mere service; it becomes an indispensable tool for the modern-day wanderer.

How to Choose a Virtual Mail Service

When selecting a virtual mail service, consider the following factors:


Virtual mail services offer different pricing plans, depending on the features and level of service provided. Compare the costs and choose one that fits your budget and needs.

Additional Features

Some virtual mail services offer extra features, such as check depositing, fax services, or registered agent services for businesses. Consider what additional features you may need and whether the service you choose offers them.

What Comes Next?

Virtual mail is a game-changer for RVers and frequent travelers, offering a convenient and secure way to manage mail and packages while on the move. By carefully selecting a virtual mail service that meets your needs and budget, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road without worrying about missed mail or important deliveries. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a virtual mail service cost?

Virtual mail service costs vary depending on the features, service level, and location coverage. Prices can range from as low as $10 per month to over $50 per month. Be sure to compare different providers to find the best value for your needs.

2. Can I use a virtual mail address to register my vehicle or for other official purposes?

In some cases, a virtual mail address can be used for vehicle registration or other official purposes. However, rules and requirements vary by jurisdiction, so it’s essential to check with your local authorities before using a virtual address for these purposes.

3. Can I receive packages from all carriers at my virtual mailbox?

With our virtual mail service, you get assigned a real physical address, which is eligible to receive packages from all the major carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. However, it’s a good idea to check with the specific service you choose to confirm their package receiving capabilities.

4. How long will my virtual mail service hold my mail and packages?

Each virtual mail service has its own policies regarding mail and package storage. At Virtual Mail Now, we provide free mail storage for up to a full month, while others services may charge storage fees after a certain period. Be sure to review the service’s storage policies before signing up.

5. Can multiple people use the same virtual mailbox?

Typically, you’ll need to pay for each individual who uses your virtual mailbox. With Virtual Mail Now, we allow an unlimited number of people to share a single mailbox, making it convenient for families, couples, or traveling companions. Check with the provider for any additional costs or limitations associated with mail recipients.

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